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    Steam Group

    Our steam group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/Gamingoutlawz
  2. GamingOutlawz

    Server updated

    Server has been updated to latest Dec. 10th patch. Have Fun!!!
  3. GamingOutlawz

    Server crashes

    Server is at a new host. Stay far away from Gameservers.com.
  4. GamingOutlawz

    Server crashes

    We were have some issues with crashes and restarts. Host has increased ram. Hopefully this will have fixed the issue. Thanks
  5. GamingOutlawz

    Suggestions for the server

    Looking for suggestions for the server and to overall improve on it.
  6. GamingOutlawz

    Rust Server Info

    Currently 100 slot server. This server has forced map wipes only!! We will wipe the map is server performance begins to degrade because of the map. Map wiped Dec. 6th (Forced) Toxic free community No BP wipes (Unless forced) Server Rules: No Racism!!! Will not be tolerated!!! Instant ban. No...
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    Our discord channel: https://discord.gg/kPnq9xS
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    Post Moderation

    To help prevent spam post moderation is on. After 3 approved post you will be promoted and no longer moderated. We hate to do this but it is needed to keep down the spam. If after reviewing your first post and feel that you are not a spam bot staff at their own discretion may go ahead and...
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    Thanks for stopping by. Boards are still under construction but will be up and running soon with more sections and content. Feel free to register and begin posting to get some content going on the boards.