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Nov 23, 2018
Currently 200 slot server.
Our server is NOT a Pay/Donate to win server. Donators receive tag in chat that is all.
Vanilla style with a little ease of life changes and enhancements but not to extreme to make it "easy".
Toxic free community
Every player has same commands. NO VIP benefits except tag in chat if you wish to donate.

Server Rules:
  1. No Racism!!! Will not be tolerated!!! Instant ban.
  2. No Zergs!!!!
  3. Do not spam chat!!!
  4. No complaining about getting raided/killed, it's part of Rust.
  5. Max team size 3.
  6. Prevent using exploits, lets all play fair here.
  7. Be a good sport. No griefing raided bases.
Modded Server: Umod (Oxide)
Here is a few of the features.
  • 2x Gather
  • Vanilla+
  • Reduced crafting times. (About 25% less than Vanilla times)
  • Dangerous Treasure Event: In chat /dtd to see the time till next event, direction and distance if the event has started. Top 3 players will recieve "Treasure Hunter" tag in chat untill the next wipe.
  • Rustnet: Bounties, Security cameras, Remote Turrets
  • Homes and TP to player with limited uses per 24hr.
  • Raid and combat block: Prevents players from using commands like home and tp while raiding or in combat.
  • This is not a "Pay-To-Win" server.
  • Private Message
  • Trade
  • Skin Box (Reskin items with top rated workshop skins)
  • Loot Sorter
  • And more!!
Let us know if there are any issues or problems along with suggestions.

Donate Link if interested: (WIP)

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