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Rust Server Info

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Nov 23, 2018
Currently 100 slot server.

This server has forced map wipes only!!
We will wipe the map is server performance begins to degrade because of the map.
Map wiped Dec. 6th (Forced)
Toxic free community
No BP wipes (Unless forced)

Server Rules:
  1. No Racism!!! Will not be tolerated!!! Instant ban.
  2. No extremely large clans please. We do not want a "Clan Ruled" server.
  3. Do not spam chat!!!
  4. No complaining about getting raided/killed, it's part of Rust.
  5. No blocking/building around monuments to prevent access. If you do they will be removed.
  6. Prevent using exploits, lets all play fair here.
More rules to come.....

Modded Server: Umod (Oxide)
  • 2x Gather
  • Remove tool via chat command /remove
  • Insta Craft
  • (A little buggy may remove) Backs Packs: Access by typing /backpack in chat
  • Auto Doors: In chat /ad disables auto doors. /ad # from 5-30 sets delay doors auto close
  • (This may change)No Decay: Builds outside of a TC "Build Privilege" will eventually decay.
  • Dangerous Treasure Event: In chat /dtd to see the time till next event, direction and distance if the event has started.
  • Zombie Horde: A hordes of zombies that roam the map and grows in size. Dont become part of the horde!!!
  • Clans: In chat /clan help or /clan create.
  • Scientist Parachute into different areas of the map. (With the recent AI update I have disable this as standard scientist are "smarter" and more difficult to kill.)
Let us know if there are any issues or problems along with suggestions.

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